The Wacky World of Weird Scholarships for College

In the midst of an economic crisis and the rising cost of college tuition, many high school juniors and seniors are left wondering how they are going to afford a college education. Whereas many students can rely on their academic giftedness, the fact they have been preparing, or their parents have forced them to prepare for college since their first day of kindergarten, and many can earn scholarships as a result of athletic ability, performing well, in a chosen sport, there are others, the “average” student who is not so lucky.

This is where the average, or even below-average student whose dreams of college are a bit more far-fetched, either due to academic performance or lack of motivation, can excel, and be rewarded, earning Weird Scholarships for College. Many people have heard of perhaps the wackiest way to earn a few dollars for tuition, the Duck Brand Duct Tape “Stuck on Prom” Contest. Aspiring fashionistas, those with a daring sense of style, or even just those motivated by the possibility of cash, can earn $3000 in scholarships from the iconic duct tape company by wearing (along with their date wearing) an original creation made out of duct tape to prom!

Another Weird Scholarship for College, perhaps less well-known, but no less wacky is the Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest. This is one for the hunter-gatherer-roughneck in all of us. If you have a winning duck call your hunting skills could earn you $2000 in scholarships. You would be “quackers” not to give that one a shot! Another more old-school way to earn some dough is the National Marbles Tournament Scholarship. This weird scholarship is open to 8 to 14 year olds and awards as much as $2000 scholarship money to skilled mibsters (slang for a person who plays marbles). And yes, the money you earn is for “keepsies”!

Every high school student may not gather with their family around the television nightly to play along with Jeopardy!, but they may boast that they know all of the answers on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. If so, the Common Knowledge Challenges may be right up their alley. Armed with their street smarts they could earn anywhere from $250 up to $3000 in a Common Knowledge Scholarship!

Perhaps the one that takes the cake with the title of Weird Scholarship for College is the Kor Memorial Scholarship. Trekkys, or those Star Trek obsessed, can earn a $500 scholarship from the Klingon Language Institute for students who wish to further their education in the area of language study. There are hundreds of Weird Scholarships for College which are awarded to need-based and merit-based students alike. This is but a sampling of the ways to get creative and pay for college.