Three Tips for Simple Scholarships for High School Seniors

College is a near-necessity in today’s job market, and tuition is rising at an alarming rate; there is no reason to pass up free money from simple scholarships for high school seniors. Sure, everyone has heard of the big-name scholarships that require a near-perfect GPA and high SAT scores, but what about for the average high school senior?

Where are their scholarships? Well, there are plenty out there if you look hard enough.

Tip #1: Do things other students don’t like to do. For example, do the report or essay-type scholarships. These include the Ayn Rand “Atlas Shrugged” scholarship, the Big Dip scholarship, and the Share Your Story scholarship.If you’re decent at putting your thoughts into words these will be a no-brainer to do for you. There are hundreds of them that receive less than 100 applicants a year just because students don’t like doing work outside of what’s required, so try your luck and you may be rewarded for half an hour spent typing on a computer. If nothing else, remember this tip to get simple scholarships for high school seniors.

Tip #2: Major-specific scholarships don’t actually follow up on what major you do. 90% of all college students switch majors during their undergrad coursework, so no one will track you down and demand money back from you if you do too.

There are a ton of scholarships which are offered for very eccentric majors like botany and computational mathematics, and if you apply for these and end up not getting a degree in the field (Even if you aren’t even interested in the first place) you’ll have a better chance than a lot of students who don’t even think about them for getting extra money for college.

Tip #3: It’s all about the numbers. Every week from now until you start college, take aside three hours in a day and just apply to every scholarship you see, even if you don’t think you qualify. The more you apply to, the more chance you’ll have that one of them will accept you. Don’t spend too much time on a single application, either; this is about getting your name out there to scholarship grant foundations, not perfecting yourself for one of them. Remember, this is simple scholarships for high school seniors, not time wasting tips for the perfectionist.

Tuition is going to keep going up and up, while average wages continue to stagnate. However, if you follow these tips for simple scholarships for high school seniors you should be able to get through college with as little debt as possible, and enjoy your life to its fullest potential after you graduate.